Which is the best Ad Blocker for me?

All ad blockers are not made equal!
Some ad blockers just remove some annoying display ads where the others listed here will remove ALL display ads.

What to look for in an ad blocker:

  • Anti-Malvertising Protection   Ad blocker that blocks all display ads
  • Faster Browsing   Ad blocker that blocks all display ads
  • Improved Privacy   Ad blocker that blocks all display ads

What to avoid:

  • Avoid ad blockers that let through ads such as AdBlockPlus.
  • The ad blockers presented on this site block ALL display ads.
  • Faster Loading
  • Cleaner Surfing
  • Privacy Protection
  • Lower Resource Waste
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Know Which Ad Blocker Suits Your Needs!
There are desktop, web extensions for Firefox and Chrome and mobile versions for Android and iOS for users who prefer to stick with different versions.

Have a look at these top ad blockers and take your pick:


Comodo AdBlocker Desktop

Download the installer from Comodo
    The advantages are:
  • ✓ Comodo Ad Blocker Desktop blocks ads on all popular web browsers.
  • ✓ Better performance (less CPU, less memory) when compared to browser extensions.
  • ✓ Ads can be blocked for any custom application (Skype adds are blocked by default).
  • ✓ Comodo Ad Blocker Desktop allows to be improved by adding custom filters.


Comodo AdBlocker (based on AdBlockPlus) for Google Chrome Comodo Dragon/Chromodo

Add to Chrome

Comodo AdBlocker (based on UBlock) for Google Chrome Comodo Dragon/Chromodo

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Comodo Ad Blocker

Safe, Fast, Free!

Experience smoother surfing on all iOS devices with this powerful app.

Comodo Ad Blocker is free and easy to use - block ads and white list sites faster than regular ad-block apps.

When you install Comodo Ad Blocker, you can:

  • Cut your web data usage on both Wi-Fi and Cellular by 50%
  • Manage your White List Browse on a clean screen and an ad-free web.
  • Protect your online privacy as it doesn't track


Comodo Ad Blocker

Safe, Fast, Free!

No more Ads, Spam, or Malware. Just a safer and faster browsing experience - absolutely FREE!

Main Features:

  • Block Ads and Malware
  • Boosts Internet Speed
  • Backed by Comodo Secure DNS